Mornington Peninsula, Rye


Just 5 mins away from Peninsula Hotsprings, Rye, Mornington Peninsula.

Services Offered

Aromatherapy Massage


Relax and drift away as tired sore muscles are eased with flowing massage and aromatic essential oils tailored specifically to your needs on the day. 

I hour $90

Therapeutic Massage


This is tailored to specific muscular concerns, working more deeply to address imbalances in targeted areas. We release and reset with firm pressure.

1 hour $95

Massage and Energy Healing


Massage Therapy to ease tension for 45 mins, followed by a half hour Reiki Energetic Balance through the Chakra System.

75 mins $115

Reiki Energy Healing


This is a gentle, non evasive hands on healing, We move through the etheric layers of the body, mind and spirit, to clear, calm and balance the energetic system. 

1 hour $85

45 mins $65

30 mins $45

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massaage


From the shores of Hawaii we enter the Spirit of Aloha with a deeply nourishing Lomi Lomi Massaage. This a flowing massage using mostly forearm strokes which literally wash over the body like healing ocean waves. An experience not to be missed. Discover the power of this Ancient style of Massage. 

1 Hour $90

90 Mins $130

Massage and Facial


Combining a deeply relaxing 45 min massage with a nourishing organic 45 min facial. 

The perfect spa treatment for self care.

 90 mins $140

Crystal Healing


A beautiful healing crystal lay out will be placed on and around your body as we cleanse and recharge the energy centres that need attention. There is a gentle laying on of the crystals for healing body mind and soul. 

1 hour $85

Sound Healing Bath


Using sound textures and notes we bring the body back into balance  sound frequency. Shamanic drum, rattle, gong, chimes,and bells are used to literally tune your energetic system. A deeply relaxing transformative journey.

1 hour $85

Intuitive Readings


Using Oracle and Tarot cards we tune in to the energy presented to give positive guidance and  Intuitive messages to facilitate personal growth and clarity wherever you are on your path and provide magical assistance.

Readings are conducted by distance and given in written form. 

Enquiries welcome. 

$100 All inclusive. 

Therapeutic Healing Package


Choose two or more treatments and create a two hour healing experience of your own.


Head and Scalp Massage


Add a 30min Deluxe Head Massage to any treatment.


Foot Massage


Add a deeply relaxing 30 min Foot Massage to any treatment.