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A Big Heartfelt Welcome to You!


Greetings! My name is Melanie Mack.

It is one of my greatest pleasure's to work with the abundant gifts freely given to us by the natural world. Our beautiful Mother Earth. 

Herbs, Flowers, Trees, the fragrance and healing benefits of Pure Essential Oils. The Moon, the Stars, the Sun, our great Oceans and the Guardian Spirits of our Land and Sea.

The wind, water, earth and fire, these elements we are made of. The swirling energy of our DNA spiral and the strength of our Ancestors. These are the aspects we bring home, back into a state of wholeness from within.

What a magical journey this life is when we are clear and free to see the beauty dancing in our veins and the natural world around us. 

Deep healing and connection returns through our eternal breath. The stillness of the present moment offers us gems of wisdom beyond the mind's comprehension.

I am here to facilitate our remembering, to remember who we are, to recognise the magnificence of our own soul and the path we walk. 

Book a session with me today. 

Allow me to offer you a peaceful place to relax, ease your body and mind, and reconnect with your best Self. 

With love, with peace, I am here to serve.

I look forward to meeting you.

Therapeutic Massage Therapist  - 13 Years

Relaxation Massage Therapist - 13 Years

Wellness Spa Facial Specialist - 13 Years

Energy Healer Reiki Practitioner - 20 Years

Aromatherapy Specialist - 8 Years

Yoga Teacher - 17 Years

Intuitive Reader - 23 Years

Shamanic Practitioner - 2 Years

Crystal Healer - 10 Years

Flower Essence Creator - 1 Year

Thai Massage Therapist - 10 Years

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Therapist - 10 Years

Red Tent Facilitator - 5 Years

Currently studying Herbal Lore.

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