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Massage, Facials, Aromatherapy & Reiki. Mornington Peninsula, Rye.


Nature's beauty and bounty is all you will ever need. Discover wellness, balance, and self care. Mornington Peninsula, Rye.

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It is my great pleasure to have you here! My work and life passion focuses on the body mind spirit connection to allow for a realignment and integration process that brings you so much closer to  your beautiful authentic self. I am here to encourage and assist you in creating an existence that supports your unique journey into joy, wonderment and ease, because after-all, life is a gift! Allow me to facilitate healing any obstacles on your path whether they be physical, mental, or emotional.  I offer massage therapy, deluxe facials, and energy healings in my studio in Rye. I also offer intuitive readings  and guidance online for your individual sojourn.   

When alignment is achieved, your body responds with true appreciation, your heart blooms, and your spirit  soars

I hope to meet you soon.


Natural Healing

May your heart know the freedom of your spirit!

As we delve into the beauty and magic of Gaia, we access those parts of ourselves that dwell in higher states of consciousness, we bring them in and down into the body in order for you to experience a direct connection to your Source. This is not a connection of mind, but rather a connection felt deeply in the heart which integrates your most magical qualities into your daily existence. This is the path of beauty and healing that I wish to share with you. 


My Promise to You

As a holistic healer I vow to offer you genuine heartfelt services and products. I utilize a variety of flower essences, herbs, crystals, essential oils, therapeutic massage, energy healing, moon magic, elemental magic, and oracle guidance to assist in the healing process. I work intuitively in all modalities.

It is my great honour to share this space with you.  

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