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I believe that alignment of mind, body and spirit are necessary for a balanced life in tune with your sacred purpose. My work and life passion focuses on incorporating the wholeness of your being into daily life with the result being a grounded existence that allows you to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically. When alignment is achieved, your body responds with true appreciation, your heart blooms, and your soul soars


Spiritual Healing

I provide many options to assist in your journey, based on the current stage you are experiencing.  I am a huge proponent of Mother Nature and I feel that our best healing is done in the midst of nature, therefore I share Her Beauty and Wisdom.  Schedule a session with me today and let's discuss the best way for you to begin or continue your healing and illumination. 


My Promise to You

As a holistic healer I vow to offer you genuine heartfelt services and products.  I utilize a variety of flower essences, crystals, essential oils, moon magic and guidance from the highest on high to assist in the healing process.  I understand that what works for one person, may not resonate with the next.  This is where my intuition steps in, allowing me to choose the best products and methods for you and your current now experience.   

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