Mornington Peninsula, Rye


Just 5 mins away from Peninsula Hotsprings, Rye, Mornington Peninsula.

Aromatherapy Aura Mists

Welcome to the Magic of my Aura Mists Made with Love.


Enjoy my unique creations infused with the Light of the Full Moon, the Sun, the Elements, Crystals, Flowers, Essential Oils and the gifts of Mother Nature's Beauty. These thoughtfully handcrafted mists are more than just heavenly scents, they ARE Nature in a bottle, to calm, soothe, and remind us of our exquisite connection to the Present Moment.

These are wonderful tools to have nearby for Magical Support on your journey back to Wholeness!


Kuan Yin 'Enlightenment' Aura Mist


($10.00 shipping)

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Message from Kuan Yin.

It is time now to trust your own ability and capacity to awaken to the Enlightenment that you are.  Look not further from your inner dwelling. The Lotus Jewel is Within YOU, it dwells not outside of yourself. 

Outside you may see a reflection of the beauty that you are, and that is magnificent, however it is Within that you find the key to your own Awakened state of being. 

I invite you to take your own throne of Enlightenment.

For the Light in me is the Light in YOU. 

May you awaken to this truth evermore. 

Allow the mist to remind you of who you are and assist access to those inner planes that already know the unfolding of your lotus flower heart. 

Be gentle with yourselves.


Green Tara 'Self Mastery' Aura Mist


($10.00 shipping)

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Also available in 50 ml bottles for $22 AUS  plus $10 flat rate shipping.

Message from Green Tara.

Is it not time to take back your Mastery? After all this time? I AM here to help you with that, to remind you of your Power and Mastery. I am deeply Peaceful, yes, however I am not One to be underestimated, I AM the Essence of Self Mastery, with great respect I stand before you. 

Do you feel me? I am YOU. I am the keeper of much Wisdom and I share this freely with your Human if you are willing to step forward and claim your own Mastery. 

Allow the Green Tara to permeate your Being and feel into the glorious vibration She brings. 

Take back your power and own your Mastery, for the world needs you now. Spray my Essence into your field and Rise Up into the beauty of who you are.  


Mary Magdalene 'Sisterhood of the Rose' Aura Mist


($10.00 shipping)

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Message from Mary Magdalene.

Greetings Dear Hearts. I AM the Heart of the Rose. I AM your Feminine Aspect, whole and healed. Allow my healing love to enter every cell of your body. You must love yourself with all that you are, for you are a manifestation of the beauty of unconditional love. It is a love that knows no bounds, it washes over you when you are open to receive. 

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Rose. We are many and we are rising. May your Feminine energy, the energy of Creation itself, flow through your heart unobstructed.

I AM here to help you to open your heart and give nourishment to those parts of yourself you have forgotten. We need ALL of YOU here. Release your fragrance from the inside out for no other reason than to enjoy your own creation. Like the Rose, it is time to bloom. You are beautiful and you deserve your own Love.